Serene Woman

05 Mar, 2024

Marle Women is created to celebrate our philosophy of designing pieces for women of all ages and stages of their lives. Each feature profiles a woman we admire and we hope each interview inspires you the same way in which these women inspire us.

For our latest edition, we speak to artist Bobby Clark who uses her own experiences, along with symmetry and balance, to trace the outlines of her interactions with the world. Her studies speak in metaphors, answering intricate questions with the clarity of minimalism.

We chat about her own distinctive style, her progression as an artist and a businesswoman and of course, her personal style.

You moved from Scotland to Melbourne some years ago, how do each of these places influence your work and what do you love most about living in Melbourne?

We never meant to settle in Melbourne, it was only ever supposed to be a working holiday before we returned home to find our career paths, but we just completely fell in love with Melbourne. Even now whenever we spend extended time away from here, we can’t wait to get back.

Melbourne has so much culture, great art galleries, design, food. It has everything we love. I still miss Scotland almost every day. I love Scotland, it’s a huge part of who I am and I miss Scottish people so much. The banter, the cold air, the mountains. It will always be home in my heart but for now Melbourne is where we are settled. My work is heavily influenced by people and my experiences so being torn between two places has definitely been a constant theme in my work through my studies of balance.

How would you describe your work and what influences your subject matter?

Describing my work is really difficult. I don’t always know what I am painting or working through until much later. My works explore balance, minimalism and colour theory in a geometric structured format, exploring the relationship between shapes and negative space. My ‘stripes’ body of work is an abstract depiction of person, designer or collection. Seeing people of objects through a selective colour palette.

Quickfire Questions:

What is your most treasured object and why?

My mum’s wedding ring, polaroids and photographs and a star necklace given to me by dad on my wedding day. Obviously my son, James.

Favourite home cooked meal?

Sunday roast with homemade yorkshire puddings.

Favourite thing to wear?

A great trench.

Your non-negotiable daily rituals?

Morning cold shower and hot coffee.

Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter?

Spring/summer every time. Coming from a colder climate I LOVE the warmth of the sun.

Bobby wears the Bonnie Jumper, Fia Pant, Clio Trench, Renata Top & Straight Leg Jeans. Photographed by Cara Mand