Seréne is an emerging brand, offering premium luxurious lounge, leisure & sleepwear for the contemporary woman we all encompass. Our pieces are sustainably considered and thoughtfully created using exclusively natural fibres. ‘Treading lightly and consciously on our earth is one of our stepping stone values’. Timelessly designed to be worn for years to come, there’s no expiry on Seréne pieces, our belief is when you find your favourites you keep hold of them.

Choosing the softest of natural fabrics in comfy free flowing shapes make you want to stay wrapped in them day and night. Carefree styling with an emphasis on functional silhouettes, paired with feminine prints all help to evoke a calming of the senses.

Life is evolving at pace, we live in the here and now with lists of endless to do’s, careers to forge, places to be, and most importantly taking care of the ones we love. ‘Seréne is looking after you in a world where you’re looking after everyone else’. A corner stone value being to remind and encourage women to take time in their day to relax, feel good, inspire and appreciate themselves.

Seréne is an escape from the daily grind and responsibilities… it’s about feeling free spirited and taking moments to reflect on what matters most to you. Being able to snuggle in bed a little longer on a Sunday, enjoying a freshly brewed tea or coffee in the morning sun, or stealing time to curl up in a cosy peaceful spot and immerse yourself in your favourite read.

Surround yourself in serene moments, make time to look after you x